Updated Information on Repairs of Sage Variometers

Sage Variomenters is currently undergoing restructuring due to the sudden retirement of our primary technician. Our variometers are custom, hand built, sensitive instruments and it will take time to train new technicians in the multitude of processes in building this quality instrument.

We appreciate your patience during this transition.



Returning for service or repairs

It is important when returning for service that the instrument
be properly protected to prevent further damage and documented to help speed the repair process.

  1. The instrument should have at least one inch of padding on all sides two inches is recommended it can be placed directly into foam peanuts if it is packed tightly to prevent settling DO NOT PLACE IN A PLASTIC BAG.
  2. Include a return address, name, phone number, email and the problem with the instrument. This is important to help speed the repair. (pdf form to print & fill out)
  3. The average price for most service is around $400 plus shipping and handling.
  4. Ship or Mail to SAGE Variometers, 2668 Husted Road, Williams, CA 95987 USA
  5. Please be sure to indicate "Civil Aircraft Parts returned for Repair" on any shipping documents to avoid unnecessary customs fees.


For more information:
     Office  : (530) 473-5600
         E-mail : info@sagevariometers.com

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